Tabs Out | Chemiefaserwerk – Nuformal

Chemiefaserwerk – Nuformal
9.10.18 by Ryan Masteller


Be QUIET, everyone!

Listen up: verz, a label specializing in QUIET MUSIC, has dropped a new Chemiefaserwerk tape called “Nuformal,” and you’re going to need to keep it down in order to get anything out of it. So, we could continue screaming at our dogs through these megaphones or we could shut up and pay attention a minute.

ENOUGH! Keep it down, will you?

Once you’ve knocked off all that racket and you’ve got your headphones firmly affixed to your head (I recommend the really massive aviator ones with the quarter-inch jacks), you can enter the world of “Nuformal,” the world of Chemiefaserwerk, aka Christian Schiefner. It is a world of black-and-white photographs (see cover above), where the wind passes and time ages your images to gritty representations, faded and worn but powerful still.

Chemiefaserwerk specializes in haunting our memories, and he continues to do so through every one of his “ghostly pops, crackles, and tones” as they “wander and ooze” across our mental landscape. “Nuformal” is a continuation of that course, every processed sample, every emotional cue a lesson in restraint and patience.

But you have to give it your complete focus to it to get the point of it.

So FOCUS! WILL YOU PLEASE BE QUIET?! There are only seven copies of this tape still available, out of forty, and you need utter concentration to maneuver to the website link and click on it and then buy the darn thing.

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