Tabs Out | Reissued Batch – Hep!Collective

Reissued Batch – Hep!Collective
7.26.18 by Ryan Masteller

Who says you have to wait for some idiotic round-numbered anniversary to reissue your now-OOP greatest hits back out into the world? Not Lorenzo Peluffo, that’s who not, because, I mean, we’re talking three years tops, maybe four years since he started unceremoniously dropping the Hep!Collective tapes he’s rebooting here upon us, us listeners of obtuse loops and samples. And even that time frame depends on what PART of the year the earliest of these tapes was first released. Fortunately, with the magic of the internet, I can safely provide an answer, sure in the knowledge of my extensive research that the anniversary we’re talking about here is … three and a half years. SO not idiotically round-numbered. And that’s just “Cactaceas.” Think of how off-kilter the anniversaries are for the other two!

With limited runs dwindling to ZERO on the minimally active Hylé Tapes and the not-active-at-all-anymore Phinery, now’s the time, people, to change that ZERO availability to TWENTY. And that’s what Lorenzo “Hep!Collective” Peluffo has done for us, for those of us who have hung in there, hung on every bat-fucked sample that Peluffo’s etched onto magnetic tape: reissued these babies in editions of twenty, all on his own, all with his perpetual Hep! imprint tagging these artistically reinterpreted j-cards. “Cactaceas.” “How to Draw a Bunny.” “Kitchen.”

They’re all here.

Truly, listening to a Hep!Collective tape is like listening to the Tabs Out Podcast itself: each second of carefully crafted sonic architecture is like a window into the mind of Peluffo, with the variety and nuance of his releases contributing to an overarching whole that both defies compartmentalization and is clearly the work of a singular artist. Pop it on at minute 20 or minute 120, or both, and try to pretend that it’s the same artist – such is the dear, sweet variety! Endless hours of playback. The Tabs Out boys won’t know what hit ’em.

And because I am hell-bent on destroying any street cred I may have, here is my writeup in its entirety of the aforementioned and wonderful Hylé Tapes release of “Kitchen” I did for Cassette Gods back in the Bryan Adams–approved “Summer of 17” (wait, is that the right year?). I reference the Lemonheads. I am not proud.

If you want the full batch, only four remain as of this writing! Act now…

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