Tabs Out | Peter Kris – Error Into the Sun

Peter Kris – Error Into the Sun
7.3.18 by Ryan Masteller

It is happening again. This was the first time, the initial double cassette release Peter Kris (of sonic patriots German Army) snuck into the world via Never Anything Records, and I missed out on it for some reason. Was I sleeping? Was I on vacation? Was I buried up to my neck in a desert in the Old West in some sort of slow-death nightmare? It could have been anything – point is, no matter how hard I try, I can’t will a copy of “Labrador” into existence. Even scouring fuzzy images of Tabs Out headquarters that the podcast boys post to Twitter turns up nothing, so I can’t even beg Dave to send me Mike’s copy while he’s out of the house. I’ll just have to settle for “Error Into the Sun” then.

Whoa, whoa, hold on – let’s get this out of the way. I’m not “settling” for anything. You certainly don’t “settle” for double cassettes with this much care and preparation put into them. This, readers, is the crown jewel of a crown jewel batch from NA, and I say that with no intention really of elevating one of the four releases in this batch over another – this one’s just the biggest. You go on over to one of those Bandcamp links in this here internet story and you buy those tapes from Event Cloak, Nils Quak, and Micromelancolié. That’s just your duty as a music fan, a Tabs Out listener, and one of my closest friends.

A deep dive into “Error Into the Sun” yields an intensely immersive experience, but do we not expect that from Peter Kris now? (This one just lasts twice as long as his average output.) His ability to sculpt worlds with his treated guitar is utterly second to none, whether it’s the lonesome reverbed strum of short intro “Adopted” or the guttural doom of “Collecting Circle.” Even album centerpiece “Michael Palin” (shoutout ftw!) shapeshifts over its fourteen minutes from murky drone to angelic shimmer to tense rumble to crisp outro, showcasing under one title the array of emotive playing Kris is capable of, a supreme power derived from extensive practice, not from farcical aquatic ceremony.

(I had to shoehorn in a “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” Palin reference somehow, right?)

This double cassette is in an edition of 50 from Never Anything Records – it is NINE DOLLARS folks, why don’t you have this in your collection already? Bargain.

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