Tabs Out | Andrew Quitter and Nick Hoffman – Apotheosis Putrefactum

Andrew Quitter and Nick Hoffman – Apotheosis Putrefactum
6.28.18 by Ryan Masteller

Andrew Quitter and Nick Hoffman have populated more scenes with more music than is probably healthy, and speaking of health, this tape on Weird Ear doesn’t give the sense that the boys are interested in anyone’s well-being anyway. This is their second collaboration, by the way, the first being “Nu Grotesque” (2013), and I sense a pattern in influence: “Grotesque”? “Putrefactum”? Eh? OK, I had to look up “Putrefactum” just to make sure I wasn’t missing something, and sure enough, it means what you think it does: “rotted, putrefied.” That’s just grotesque!

So what sort of black bile is churning around the bellies of these two lads these days? If the sound emanating from this tape is any indication, it’s actual black bile! Yes, “Apotheosis Putrefactum” is a study in disorienting queasiness, the kind that ratchets up tension in good horror flicks. Quitter’s “synthesis” is of the analog variety, while Hoffman prefers digital, but combined the two will have you sitting down, clutching your stomach, and mumbling “I don’t feel so good” before internal rainbows burst forth from your mouth “Exorcist”-style and continue until you too have become a victim of these two “artists’” whims.

Artists of the REVOLTING, that is!

So I hope you’re in the mood for some diabolical nausea-inducing sound art, because that’s just what this tape provides, four tracks of extended wickedness and dread doled out at tortuously slow pace. Let this evil sonic goo coat your mind and body – you won’t even pray for release, you’ll be too far gone already. I think that sounds like a winner of a way to spend this summer afternoon!

Edition of 50 still available from Weird Ear. Act now!

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