Tabs Out | Deterritory – Invisible Migrations

Deterritory – Invisible Migrations
6.6.18 by Ryan Masteller

They called it “Deterritory” for a reason, because the borders broke down. Luis Gonzalez, aka Lavas Magmas, aka Deterritory, busted em right up, sent in the wrecking balls, disarmed the militias. “Invisible Migrations” was the result, a heart-pounding, pulse-racing sound document of hidden transit, of crossing lines of demarcation that had previously been “off limits.” People unite, ideas are shared, growth and evolution occurs. “But Ryan,” you ask, “is this whole thing gonna be some social commentary on toxic nationalism and runaway capitalistic tendencies? And if so, can I stop reading?” Oh, you, reader; not even a little, and of course not. But you’d better be prepared for this new cold war, one against the poor and the immigrant.

Deterritory is READY. He’s got his chilly synthesizer rig, his 808s and 909s (OK, whatever drum programs he’s using, I’m no expert), his probably angular haircut. Maybe not the haircut, but still! “Invisible Migrations” is a throwback to the eighties club days when the former punkers found some electronic gear and birthed the genre so eloquently and appropriately referred to as “Post Punk,” capitalized here for maximum resistance against societal norms. But Deterritory fills in the rough edges of serrated darkwave with absolutely mesmerizing psychedelic krautrock passages in the middle of this tape – in fact, the two tracks that make up the creamy center of the 4-track album comprise like a whole two-thirds of the thing. I want them to last forever.

Make the whole tape last forever for yourself (or at least until you ruin it after leaving it in your cutoff jeans pocket during one of your infrequent laundromat trips) by purchasing a copy at Lavas Magmas’s Bandcamp page. You can root around the Hideous Seed Blogspot too, but good luck trying to buy anything there. Hope those border crossings work out OK for you!

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