Tabs Out | Kibble – Lapses

Kibble – Lapses
5.11.18 by Ryan Masteller

Bonding Tapes drops a lot great beats, but sometimes they just release a tape into the world that sinks its canines into the soft, meaty flesh of your thigh and decides it’s pointless to let go, like, ever. Or until you take it to the vet and have it removed, and then you have to get your rabies shots, which is NOT PLEASANT, let me tell you, from one rabies sufferer to another. Still, this is a metaphor, so let’s all calm down for a second and revel in the absolute jam that is Kibble’s “Lapses,” the aforementioned proverbial tape that sinks its teeth into stuff.

And “Lapses” my ass – there aren’t any mistakes or slip-ups here, as Kibble navigates through (checks math, because roman numerals) XIII bona fide jammers, a start-to-finish headtrip/party/headtrip that may as well serve as a slurry mixtape through all these weird cocktails I’m downing at Chili’s. At times instrumental hip hop filtered through a VHS player, at times new wave smeared across a microscope slide, at times damn near electronic shoegaze, Kibble, to beat this thing into the ground, has a death grip on my attention span, a stranglehold on my waking life, and … er, the key to my heart. Meaning I love me some instru-electro-hop-gaze, the genre I’ve coined right now (patent pending!) and that Kibble specializes so distinctly in.

You can still procure one of these Hot Pockets from Bonding Tapes, along with any number of other rad party jams. I’m going to recommend the ZOD1AC as well, and not just because ZOD1AC recommended the Kibble! I really do actually happen to like “The Zodiac Tapes Vol. 1.”

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