Tired All The Time - Be Well (Flag Day)
Lycia - Wake (self released)
Check!!! - Blue Twenty-Seven (Blue Tape)
Tax Slayer - The Grandeur Of 10,000 Lakes/Hide In Plain Sight" (self released)
Satanic Panic '81 - The Sacrifice Hunter (Amperical Recordings)
Varsity Voltz - Academic Probation (self released)
Rod Hamilton & Tiffany Seal - Enchanted Forest (self released)
Kenji Kihara - Scenes Of Scapes (Inner Island)
Druids of Huge - Baldwin (Baked Tapes)
Cube - Wet Housing (Anathema Archive)
Rayphaze - Wobbler (((Cave)) Recordings)
Elkhorn - Lionfish (Eiderdown)