Tabs Out | Final Cop – Broken Window

Final Cop – Broken Window
4.30.18 by Ryan Masteller

You gotta smash some windows to make an omelet, isn’t that right gang? The opposite is true too – if you don’t want that runny yellow shit getting all over your hands, you lock it up real good, real tight. Don’t let it out, don’t let the cracks show. Perfect order, perfect unity. We are all good little boys and girls, and we will NOT BREAK EGGS. I mean windows. We will NOT BREAK WINDOWS, or jump turnstiles, or spray paint graffiti all over the new bank that just went up downtown.

Final Cop has had enough of it too. The duo of Vern Ore and Peter Kris slings crisp industrial post-punk at your ear holes, the sonic equivalent of throwing an authority fit because they just can’t take all you jagoffs running around like there’s no law and order or anything. Because wouldn’t you know it, the more you get away with the little stuff, the more it builds to the big stuff, like ramming a garbage truck full of cement through the vault wall of the new bank that just went up downtown or something. That’s why Final Cop is here – to prevent garbage trucks ramming through bank walls, and thwarting masterminds who want to cause chaos by making off with that sweet cash. You know as a taxpayer you’re going to be on the hook for the big stuff, the Big Crimes, right?

Or, uh, Final Cop is taking the opposite stance while commenting on the state of urban crime? Or something. I dunno. I’m just head-nodding along to “Broken Windows” in my Walkman till my neck snaps.

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