Tabs Out | Supersentient Intelligence Construct – Holomorphic Metacrystal

Supersentient Intelligence Construct – Holomorphic Metacrystal
4.13.18 by Ryan Masteller

There’s codes in that static, I can feel em. Sense em. I know they’re there, but to tease them out would require a machine that’s beyond my capacity to build and software that’s beyond my capacity to program. You guys ever seen Aronofsky’s “Pi”? I keep telling everyone to watch “Pi,” but nobody listens to me. There’s some kind of secret hidden in “Pi” that hasn’t revealed itself to me, something that’s gonna blast through the perceptive roadblocks, gonna blow open the “gateways of the multiverse.” Until then I’m just gonna use my mathematical expertise to sink hundreds of millions of dollars into the stock market until something good comes out of it.

Supersentient Intelligence Construct has taken a jackhammer to those “gateways of the multiverse,” or something to that effect, on “Holomorphic Metacrystal,” a lengthy cycle of physics-defying and dimension-ripping synthesizer experiments. The sonic equivalent to building that room-sized processor that I’ve alluded to (but somehow can’t find the time to finish, or indeed add the necessary parts to), “Holomorphic Metacrystal” becomes, then functions, humming away in the back room of some lab of some university while a bunch of lab nerds tinker with it. The codes emerge as melody, forming in the air and reconstructing their meaning within the cognitive centers of my brain as I listen. Will they provide the answers that I (and we) so long for? Or will they overwhelm us to the point of mental shutdown? Either way, I’m ready for the trip, but I’m gonna spend a few hundred million dollars on lottery tickets first.

“Highly collectable limited edition black C62 cassette in a clear case, with multilayered artwork by CLUT, featuring holographic foil highlights.” It’s like you’re speaking to the audience of the Tabs Out Podcast, there, [d]-tached records!

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