Tabs Out | Honnda – Maraschino Mic Drop

Honnda – Maraschino Mic Drop
4.11.18 by Ryan Masteller

From the man who brought you “Diamonds in the Microwave” —

— You didn’t know that was a thing, did you? Turns out there’s an alternative to blood diamonds for those of us (like me) with an insatiable gem fetish. And here I thought Honnda was suggesting you put a heap of diamonds in the microwave, press “Popcorn,” and sit back to enjoy the prismatically awesome and potentially hazardous light show. I mean, it’s not a ridiculous conclusion to draw — that’s basically what Honnda’s music sounds like anyway —

— comes “Maraschino Mic Drop”! Amnon Freidlin returns with a full-length cassette of crystalline melodies and spastic rhythms, expanding upon his “Diamonds” adventure while recalling it in obvious ways. Indeed, “Box Outs,” “Crowd Crush,” and the totally bonkers “Megga Millionz” (featuring Dai Burger on vox) bridge the gap, appearing on each, starring on each, whipping you into a sugary frenzy on each.

But get this — there’s some extra sugar on this one, because those Maraschino cherries are DROWNING in that shit! That’s right, imagine that heap of diamonds sizzling away in the microwave, but covered in gooey red syrup. Also sprayed with Binaca (“Binaca Raptor”) and cut with Tic Tacs (“Lava Bath”). I mean, this thing is razor sharp, hot as hell, and stickier than the inside of the pockets of my cut-offs on a summer’s day — and yet it’s more approachable than any of those things suggest. Trust me, you will never get the laser breakdowns of “It’s a Fox (Ft. Toiny)” out of your head. They will be your constant companion on your trip to the hospital, a journey via ambulance necessitated by the occurrence any number of things suggested in these paragraphs.

Oh, and if you end up breakdancing to this, which is super easy to do, you might also get hurt. Especially if you’re my age, and as inflexible as I am.

Release date is April 6, so either preorder or order now (depending on what day you read this) from the benevolent folks at Orange Milk! Mic drop, cherry on top.

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