Tabs Out | Episode #123


Maltheist - s/t (self released)
Bitchin Bajas - Bajas Fresh (Drag City)
Oestergaards - Rötterna (Tape Lamour)
Sean McCann - Open Resolve (Stunned)
Kaorinite - Chibiusa's Upset Stomach (Gay Hippie Vampire)
Telpor Nexus - Neverend (Frequency Domain)
Leolyxxx - Plastic Inners 2: Nigerian Boogie Mixtape (Origin Peoples)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - The Circuit (Adversary)
Ignodeau - Stefania am Rande der Nacht (Warm Gospel)
Sam Goldberg - Unto Others (Boudoir)
Tearist - Purple Video (Nostilevo)
Farwarmth - Immeasurable Heaven (ACR)
x.nte - Cloud2 (\\NULL|ZØNE//)


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