Tabs Out | MSHR share new video/tape/universe

MSHR share new video/tape/universe
4.6.18 by Mike Haley

With mediums and methods that pin prick reality, Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper have been building virtual worlds of sounds and visuals, specifically under the name MSHR, for seven years. In addition to immersive VR situations, MSHR make circuit-burning analog noise. Some of which will be on a cassette titled “Phased Trance Constructions,” released 4/20 (ya know, the weed day!) via Unifactor.

Murphy and Cooper have produced a video featuring their unique 3D modeling for the track Wave Guide Edifice. Structures and items that appear to have been forged from glass candy rotate with a mesmerizing purpose. Pinning down their intended use is impossible – decoration? shelter? mind control? ALL THREE!? Either way, the sounds embrace the visuals, the visuals embrace the sounds, and the user is sucked in. Watch the vid above and see what I’m saying…

Preorders for “Phased Trance Constructions” are up now, along with new jams by Christian Mirande and Headband. Each an edition of 100 copies.


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