Tabs Out | Episode #121


Engelika and Others - Music From Films of Music (Excavation Series)
Chino Beano - Two Dollar Khaki (self released)
Stickboy - s/t (self released)
Glass Frog - Together compilation (Oxtail)
Primadonahue - Loosh (Stucco Discs)
Mike Dilloway - Hay Bale Paws (Alien Passengers)
Rose - Transference (Constellation Tatsu)
The Dirty Sample - Tuesday Nights On Cardero ‎(Hand'Solo)
Crash Silverback & Max Muthaphukin' Stax - Candy & Coombs (Hand'Solo)
Black Vomit - Tape Demo (Post-Materialization Music)
Crazy Doberman - Milwuakee / Spot Tavern Summer 2017 (self released)
böhm - Transients (OTA)
ML Wah - Big Air (Flower Room)
Giovanni Lami - Hysteresis V (Null Zone)
Hasufel - Forlorn (El Tule)


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