Tabs Out | Max Eilbacher’s Strange Electronic Music Valentine

Max Eilbacher’s Strange Electronic Music Valentine
2.14.18 by Mike Haley

Valentine’s Day is a day for doing romance, and snuggles, and smooches, and synth scrambles, and – WAIT, WHAT!? Synth scrambles?! On Valentine’s Day!? That doesn’t sound right. Who would do that?

Well, it’s this Max Eilbacher¬†character. Max Eilbacher isn’t interested in warm cuddles by the Netflix fireplace. On this, the¬†Feast of Saint Valentine, Max announced a “self released” electronic music tape called *let me check my notes* “Electronic Music Tape.” A grating, hour-long loner experience recorded in 2016 and 2017 “at various studios, green rooms, the back of a few tour vans throughout Europe and my parent’s basement.” Max can make a synth sound like a worn down strip of leather or outlawed bleach cleaners, and he spends 60 raw minutes procrastinating between those options on this savage and strange Valentine’s gift.

Roses are red.
Kevin Spacey was in K-PAX.
There will be 50 copies made.
Preorder one direct from Max.

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