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New Batch – Constellation Tatsu
2.5.18 by Mike Haley

The levels of chill Constellation Tatsu‘s winter batch enjoy are, quite frankly, dangerous and irresponsible. This amount of chill could terrorize a small town of simple folk. Hell, it could probably sway a decently populated country (let’s say Latvia) to switch it’s currency to crystals, or the national anthem to a Terry Riley VHS. C.Tatsu doesn’t care though. They’ve done this sort of thing before, and surely will do it again. Unabashed they released their winter batch of four tapes. So, Latvians, say goodbye to singing Dievs, svētī Latviju.

Rose and Hakobune, who both sweat out watercolor on their tapes like they are wringing towels, are returning members to the Tatsu catalog, as are Celer and Forest Management, who collaborate this time around on the immersive narrative “Landmarks.” A description of the recording reads:

“Collaborating for the first time, Will Long and John Daniel combine their methods using tape machines, loops, and computers to score a reimagining of Peter Weir’s film and Paul Theroux’s novel “The Mosquito Coast”. Sourcing inspiration from a view of the film and book as a historical pendulum, the musicians found that these reinterpretations left them nostalgic for a different time, something that’s only partly imagined, and without the defined predictions about the life cycles of mass culture based on our limited understanding of current events.”

Memorygarden禅 puts a plastic beach chair into full recline with their Tatsu debut “districtアトランティス.” I’m sure the rest of the batch would love to raz the newcomer, but who has the energy for that???

“Can the chill be TOO CHILL!?” he asked, holding back tears. Find out: The winter batch is only $16ppd (!!!) and you’d be the most unchill idiot if you didn’t buy them all right now.

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