Tabs Out | Sample Quiet Evenings and more from upcoming Adversary batch

Sample Quiet Evenings and more from upcoming Adversary batch
1.12.18 by Mike Haley

For the last couple of years Adversary has been a low key clearing house for all things Rachel and Grant Evans, who previously ran the labels Hooker Vision and VAALD. Exclusively releasing their own music as Motion Sickness of Time Travel (Rachel), Grant Evans (uh, Grant), and Quiet Evenings (both of em), the label has put out about a dozen and a half cassettes and CDrs, including “Diaries & Documents,” a double tape collection of Motion Sickness tracks from 2006 – 2010.

They’ve announced an upcoming batch of three tapes that touch all bases – A thawing dose of desperation noise on “Ergot Dogs” by Grant Evans, all leaky with wind-hacked field recordings and unboxed gloom. The vibe is a single, dangling lightbulb swinging, rows of amber-stained mason jars that have seem some shit, and horsehair insulating the walls. “Love Sick” from Motion Sickness of Time Travels’ “The Circuit” C24 may as well be from another planet. Rachel Evans’ synthesizers are animated with Day-Glo. If you spun them they would turn into cotton candy. Through that is a slide show of vocals running on an old carousel projector that every so often malfunctions and grinds. Quiet Evenings locks things up. The 5 minutes from what will eventually b a C30 are like tone therapy.  “Espions” will be one of those absurd-through-headphones tapes I bet, where each note pierces you like a hot finishing nail surrounded by drone.

Each tape is “coming soon.” Take that as you will. Tune into Adversary on Tumblr and listen/purchase on Bandcamp. You know the deal.

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