Tabs Out | Draft Announces First Release In Three Years + Sale

Draft Announces First Release In Three Years + Sale
11.1.17 by Mike Haley


Every bozo that bought a weirdo cassette tape in the 2009 – 2012 time period surely remembers Gift Tapes. Gift (RIP) did some veeeeeery 2009-2012 things in that period, like releasing cassettes by The North Sea/Charlatan (who ran Foxy Digitalis, RIP), Bee Mask (who ran Deception Island, RIP), and many more, announcing them all on the Fangs & Arrows message board (RIP). Gift drifted into the organic void, but not before spawning Draft. Draft was created as an outlet for non-magnetic tape offerings, though most of it’s output was just that. It too fell silent along with Gift around 2014. Well guess what, baby? Draft wasn’t dead after all! And it’s back! I know, very Stranger Things, right? [Sorry if that reference is whacked. I’m not really watching Stranger Things very closely]

Draft’s first release in three years in a solo tape by the person behind Gift/Draft, Jason E Anderson. Now this guy’s audio fingerprints are all over both labels (Spare Death Icon, Brother Raven, Harpoon Pole Vault, etc…), but “Truth” is his first solo appearance on the Draft imprint. The C60 appears to be caked over with many a droid-like, satisfying zaps and smacks. The sample posted, which you can stream below, is a disorienting modular slalom from Anderson while Ian Halloran reads from the 1980 book Metaphors We Live By. In an email from the label “Truth” was described as such…

“Truth” is Anderson’s most recent solo recording involving voice and synthesis, a common thread found within his work over the last 5 years. “Truth” was created using a computer running supercollider to send control voltages to a modular synthesizer from an audio interface, while Ian Halloran read from ‘Chapter 24: Truth’ of Metaphors We Live By into a microphone routed to a preamp and ring modulator within the synth. The work’s progression relies entirely on the interaction between semi-random patterns and Anderson’s manual shaping of sounds and cueing of patterns. The music consists entirely of modulated oscillators navigating the stereo field, punctuated by irregular fragments of text that vary in intelligibility.

But, wait! There’s more! Draft has lowered the prices on a grip of back catalog goodies, including the MUST GET Greg Davis “States (3)” for five bones?! Go to Draft and get what ya can get!

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