Tabs Out | Lost Trail – What If This Was All A Twilight, Trembling On The Edge Of Darkness​?​

Lost Trail – What If This Was All A Twilight, Trembling On The Edge Of Darkness​?​
5.18.17 by Ryan Masteller

lost trail

Certainly craving the inexorable movement forward into an unending future, Lost Trail, the husband-and-wife duo of Zachary and Denny Corsa, recognize the instability of the razor wire we’re tip-toeing across as forces greater than our everyday points of control threaten to overturn existence as we know it. Heck, I’ve got 50/50 odds on this whole thing blowing up in our faces. The question is real, then, that the Corsas ask, What If This Was All A Twilight, Trembling On The Edge Of Darkness​?​ What if indeed? If it is, it’s the waiting that’s killing us, the suspense as we hover on the brink of making it or not. Over fifteen tracks spanning drone, noise, found sound, and percussion-less shoegaze, Lost Trail explores the ideas inherent in apocalyptic potential, from wall-of-sound destruction to post-human calm, teasing the nuances out of every nook and cranny of every pile of rubble in the wake of our passing on this planet. It doesn’t hurt that snippets of field-recorded dialogue pop up here and there, agitated voices rising above the din in supreme displeasure at their situation. Sort of like on those old Godspeed records. Blaise Finnegan was an intense dude.

So what’s the answer? Should somebody just push the button and end this grand cosmic experiment? Accelerate the next phase of evolution? Or obliterate us back into star stuff? I don’t know, man, but I’m sick and tired of nothing happening, and I’m sure the Corsas are too. In the face of a garbage existence for a large percentage of Earth’s population, an existence that doesn’t have to be, Lost Trail continue to hone their craft, mixing in some hope with the despair and hopefully angering those of us on the fence out of our stupor. Regardless, the ebb and flow of mood, the manipulation of beauty and despair within the sonic elements, and the masterful compilation of these tracks into a whole that moves expertly from one passage to the next set Lost Trail apart as one of the most emotional experimental drone units this side of the inevitable. Or not inevitable? Maybe there’s still good in us! I bet Lost Trail could feel it, if they wanted to.

This C61 is limited to 60 copies from Already Dead Tapes – and there are only 5 left at this moment! Get your stupid wallet out buy one already. If, of course, you haven’t mutated from the nuclear fallout. You probably wouldn’t need a wallet at that point anyway. Just, maybe, some clean drinking water.

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