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MichealCushion – Life Escaper Trial Edition
2.21.17 by Mike Haley

life escaper

Ever wonder what the hell is going on? I’m not talking about a deep, late into the night conversation about life and it’s meanings or lack of, but more along the lines of a situation where you discover cheese in the battery holder of your TV’s remote control. A shake-your-head/shrug-your-shoulders flash of befuddlement. “Life Escaper Trial Edition” is a series of those sort of circumstances. It would appear that MichealCushion removed your triple A’s and put that cheese in your remote. Maybe they read on a body building message board that gouda could power electronics better than Duracells? Perhaps it was just a bozo goof with some left over mascarpone? You’ll have to get in touch with MichealCushion on your own time and find out. I’m past the point of curiosity, content with swimming in the whiz of this killer tape.

Nothing here makes much sense. It’s awkward, nomadic, and ambiguous of it’s intent. In calm moments “Life Escaper Trial Edition” flirts with moody, inner-directed dexterity, but is quickly pummeled with charged up distractions and false starts that rupture into squelch. Recycled sounds and puddle-minded shake ups are gnarled into a dopey coitus of audio blllleeeaaaauurgh, with volume levels and motivations whirling rapidly out of control. Basically a Supermarket Sweep of noise, dashing from isle to isle throwing everything into the cart without any meals in mind. I bet plenty of time was spent in the cheese section though. Those remotes aren’t gonna fill themselves.

Only 20 copies of “Life Escaper Trial Edition” were made, all with white shells and equally fanatic artwork. Go buy one from Melty Tapes now, okay!?

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