Tabs Out | Bromp Treb – Stickless Sharkless Bagless

Bromp Treb – Stickless Sharkless Bagless
9.6.15 by Jamie Orlando

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Ever wonder what it would sound like to have a root canal in the Alice in Wonderland universe? Me neither, but here’s what I’d imagine it would sound like. Pick up Neil Cloaca’s project’s Bromp Treb’s new tape “Stickless Sharkless Bagless”; a limited edition C20 on his very own Yeay! Plastics label. (Great label name by the way!)

There are three tracks: “Stickless Bag Shark”, “Sharkless Stick Bag” and “Bagless Shark Stick” on this pretty-looking clear shell with purple print on the label. I was sensing some sort of pattern with these track titles, but I couldn’t figure it out. Then I went to Google Images and looked them up, and got a mixture of: vacuum cleaners, fish sticks, cigars, an Eddie Munster tee shirt, fighter planes, the San Jose Sharks, The Bible, some Klondike bars, a gecko, and many more things that seemingly don’t go together.

I still wasn’t getting it. Then I listened to the tape and it began to make sense.

I heard lots of flitters and flutters, glitching static, tribal singing, broken Commodore 64s, asymmetric loops, weird manipulation, field-recorded foley, possessed fax machines, turntables, 8 bit snare drums, vocoded spookiness, vacuum cleaners and every once in awhile, some chirping birds to calm my nerves.

I don’t really know what else to say. This thing is a mess! It’s just STUFF! It’s hectic, it’s chaotic and it makes no sense. I even played it for my grandmother and she didn’t seem to be enjoying it. I liked it though!!! And if you found this article, you might just be deranged enough to like it too.

Pick up a copy … oh wait, there’s none left. Tape prank! (I’m sure you can find it somewhere. Try, and try hard)

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