Tabs Out | Sir Tad – Sir Tad Goes Deeper & Deeper EP

Sir Tad – Sir Tad Goes Deeper & Deeper EP

12.23.21 by Matty McPherson

Okay now listen up folks! I know you were all clamoring for Tad, but they broke up years ago. Also, you didn’t really specify which Tad you wanted so I went ahead and booked us Sir Tad of Columbus, OH (aka Meadow Argus (AKA Tynan Krakoff)) for this here shindig. He’s got a cool thing going, lo-fi keys and dubby bass, plus those misbegotten vocals that make it all feel like a washed out Simpson hallmark greeting card you got for your birthday back in 2009 (also, if you still have any money on the circuit city gift card from that…would you let me know?). 

Anyways, Sir Tad is gonna SLAY at the party. I know it’s only a fifteen minute set he’s pulling here, but it should be enough time for like 5 games of musical chairs. Plus, Sir Tad is a bonafide MC now! Haven’t you heard Deeper and Deeper, the opening track on this EP here? He’s practically guiding you through the sheer drop of a comedown, with jubilant keys and meditative vocals that’ll have you all whizzed out for the carnivalesque music box majesty of a “Yucatan Sunshine”. That one stutters in and out so NO CHEATING during that musical chairs game, Jeremy! Afterwards, we’ll “Tie Cord to Racing Car” and try to figure out what day it is, before letting the goofball hit us with the “county fair public domain type beat” of a Great Generic Park. Oh you want an encore? Sir Tad is there to serenade once more with “Deeper and Deeper Pt. 2”, a last meditative breath. I sure hope he comes back with another set for longer soon!

Pro-dubbed C15 cassette with full color double-sided art by Pearl Morgan. Hand-numbered edition of 50. Available at the Sir Tad Bandcamp page.

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Tabs Out | Episode #173 / Top 200 Tapes of 2021

We close out the year with a little help from Angel Marcloid, Ryley Walker, Rachel & Grant Evans (Hooker Vision), Tim Thornton (Suite 309/Tiger Village), Headboggle, and Mike Nigro (Oxtail Recordings).

Fire-Toolz - Eternal Home (Hausu Mountain)
ΜΜΜΔ & ALEM - L’Âge De L’Absolutisme (Antifrost)
Tiger Village - In Stereo III (Suite 309)
DIDA - Ingenuous Scenes (Orange Milk)
Sparkling Wide Pressure - Pretending Eternal (Hooker Vision)
Steve Gunn and Ryley Walker - DRZWI DOORS (Husky Pants)
Bitchin Bajas - Switched on Ra (Drag City)
Headboggle - Digital Digital Analog (Ratskin Records)
Bastian Void - Topia (Oxtail Recordings)

TOP 200 TAPES OF 2021

1 Fire-Toolz – Eternal Home (Hausu Mountain)
2 Bitchin Bajas – Switched on Ra (Drag City)
3 Hypertrophy – Fitness Is… (FTAM)
4 Kouns & Wagner – The 1990 Cincinnati Reds (Spare No Expanse)
5 Umbra / sZARSz – split (Crash Symbols)
6 Torben Ulrich & Lori Goldston ‎– Oakland moments: cello, voice, reuniting (rejoicing) (Obscure & Terrible)
7 Hairbrushing – Unlisted Natural (Obsolete Staircases)
8 Terrie Ex & Jaap Blonk – OZO BONN (Public Eyesore)
9 Nina Guo – Blauch Räusch (Unknown Tapes)
10 V/A – Arc Mountain (Deathbomb Arc/Hausu Mountain)
11 Giant Claw – Mirror Guide (Orange Milk)
12 Jeanne Vomitt-Terror – The Hobbyist (Desperate Spirits)
13 Wood Organization – Drimpro (Gotta Let It Out/Love & Beauty Music)
14 Lucas Abela – Best Family (Wolves)
15 claire rousay – Live (American Dreams)
16 Suryummy – Polynators (Constellation Tatsu)
17 Awenden​ /​ Feminazgul – split (Tridroid Records)
18 Headboggle – Digital Digital Analog (Ratskin Records)
19 V/A – Eschatology (No Part of It)
20 Slack – Fractal Discharge (Refulgent Sepulchre)
21 Bastian Void – Topia (Oxtail Recordings)
22 J Soliday – Garble Box (Traced Objects)
23 Machine Listener – Headfooter (Unifactor)
24 Sharkula x Mukqs – Take Caution on the Beach (Hausu Mountain)
25 DJ VLK – Nun Darme Stu Turmiento (Strategic Tape Reserve)
26 German Army – untitled tape (L.I.E.S.)
27 Fletcher Pratt – Dub Sessions Vol. 5 (Crash Symbols)
28 Matt Lajoie – Star Maps (Eye Vybe Records)
29 GX Jupitter-Larsen, Richard Ramirez & Bosses Hang – Movement Under Construction (Orb Tapes)
30 Cassilda and Carcosa -Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, & Tape (Ingrown)
31 John Carlini – Fartmare (Bad Cake Records)
32 Peter J. Woods – Collages (Oxen)
33 Angry Blackmen – Reality! (Deathbomb Arc)
34 Melissa – s/t (Flesh Prison)
35 BBJr / ARU – Europe 2172 (Personal Archives)
36 Bulbils – blue forty (Blue Tapes)
37 —__–___ – The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid (Orange Milk)
38 hyphyskazerbox – Headache Bait (Suite 309)
39 Various Artists – Gentle Bells (Personal Archives)
40 ΜΜΜΔ & ALEM – L’âge de l’absolutisme (Antifrost)
41 Vijay Masharani & Flashlight O – I might have to use this on my landlord (Orb Tapes)
42 Flanger Magazine – Forgotten Fields (Unifactor)
43 Soshi Takeda – Floating Mountains (100% Silk)
44 Dok-S Project – Under a Cloudy Sky (Crash Symbols)
45 Dida – Ingenuous Scenes (Orange Milk Records)
46 Orca, Attack! – Learning by Listening Vol. 1: C.M.S.O. (Strategic Tape Reserve)
47 V/A – Doom Mix Vol. V (Doom Trip)
48 PAQ – Hyphae (Crash Symbols)
49 Takahiro Kawaguchi – Recorded Xenoglossy (Pilgrim Talk)
50 Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – Notes Above Land (self released)
51 Ka Baird – Vivification Exercises I (RVNG Intl/Commend)
52 Music En Berlin – The Lost Dreams of Em (Black Horizons)
53 Geomag – Below the River Above the Air (Jollies)
54 Mazzo – Soft Breeze of Silence (Cudighi)
55 Carmen Villain – Sketches for Winter IX: Perlita (Geographic North)
56 Lucy Liyou – Practice (Full Spectrum)
57 Bill Nace – A-1238 (Dove Cove)
58 Michael Foster & Ben Bennett – Contractions (Astral Spirits)
59 Jon Collin – The Fiddler Now Steps to the Road (Unifactor)
60 Matt Collins – blue one plus (Blue Tapes)
61 Cloning – Splattertronics (Refulgent Sepulchre)
62 Baggie – Sour (Haord)
63 Asian Glow – Cull Ficle (Longinus Recordings)
64 Terbijn – Eco (Never Anything)
65 Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 – Silicon Soul (Suite 309)
66 Matthew Crowe / Marsha Fisher – split (Orb Tapes)
67 Wendy Eisenberg – Cellini’s Halo (Garden Portal)
68 Zack Dolin – Dawn of Claymation (Ingrown Records)
69 Delaware Dan – Marketing Jingles Vol. 2 (KSP Tapes)
70 Tremorkikimor – Yarugi (Dub Cthonic)
71 Arushi Jain – Uner the Lilac Sky (Leaving)
72 Matthew Ryals – Voltage Scores (Oxtail Recordings)
73 Amulets – Blooming (Flenser)
74 Rachika Nayar – Our Hands Against the Dusk (NNA Tapes)
75 V/A – Amethyst (Moon Glyph)
76 Madam Data – The Gospel of the Devourer (Purple Tape Pedigree)
77 Q///Q – Cooper Do​-​Nuts and the City of Night (OTA)
78 Obsidian Shard – blue thirty​-​eight (Blue Tapes)
79 Bran(…)Pos / DJ Head Boggle – split (Rubber City Noise)
80 XUXWXUX – s/t (Already Dead)
81 Dear Laika – Pluperfect Mind (Materials Of Distinction)
82 claire rousay – 17 roles (all mapped out) (Shelter Press)
83 Wilted Woman – Keychain (Unifactor)
84 German Army – A Dream Favors Incompleteness (Strategic Tape Reserve)
85 Landon Caldwell & Nick Yeck-Stauffer – Unity in Isolation (Astral Editions)
86 MOS-Man – Datasette 1530 (xsec)
87 piss(dot)com – selfcest (Bodymilk)
88 FiFac X Dino Crisis – Barcodes (Daft Alliance)
89 Abby Lee Tee – Hausberg IV-V (Never Anything)
90 Multiform Palace – s/t (Specious)
91 Brian Case – Practice Tape (Trouble in Mind)
92 Camila Nebbia & Patrick Shiroishi – The Human Being As A Fragile Article (Trouble In Mind)
93 MJ Guider – Temporary Requim (Modemain)
94 Log Across The Washer – It’s Funny How The Colors (Crash Symbols)
95 Mad Dog – Swiss Hiss (5CM Recordings)
96 QNDFK – Central Gray Matter (self released)
97 Hedra Rowan – Nothing’s Wrong, Now You’re Beside Me Again (Bodymilk)
98 Eternity Hotline – Super Glue (Outer Grid)
99 J Hamilton Isaacs – CITYCRAZE​/​/​DWEEBCITY (Orb Tapes)
100 V/A – The Blood of Ancient Gods compilation (Humanhood)
101 Nick Zanca – Cacerolazo (Full Spectrum)
102 Arian Shafiee – Pastorale (Constellation Tatsu)
103 Petteril – CYRE (Puremagnetik)
104 Night Foundation – Let There Be Light (Flophouse)
105 Recombinants Feat. Ironing – s/t (Mang-Disc)
106 Personal Bandana – This Time It’s… (Woodford Halse)
107 Good Willsmith – HausLive 2: Good Willsmith at Sleeping Village, 4/25/2019 (Hausu Mountain)
108 Yes Selma – Bliss of Rumik (2020 Records)
109 Hakobune – Above the Northern Skies Shown (Constellation Tatsu)
110 Stefano Leonardi & Antonio Bertoni – Viandes (Astral Spirits)
111 Weather – X-tra Physical (Haord)
112 Orvang Halmer – World Carousel (Ingrown Records)
113 Lexagon – Feminie Care (Ratskin Records)
114 Eyerolls – Burial Mound (self released)
115 Black Dresses – Forever in Your Heart (self released)
116 Spednar – Coniunctio (Unifactor)
117 Anne Laplantine – chéri chance inouïe (Cudighi)
118 Wobbly – Popular Monitress (Hausu Mountain)
119 Cactólogo – Vol. II (OTA)
120 V/A – Warble and Fuzz (Drongo)
121 Body Image CEO – In these difficult times​.​.​.​. now more than ever​.​.​. at the end of the day​.​.​.​.​. Pepsi (Discrepant)
122 Asemix – s/t (Warm Winter Ltd)
123 Jeremiah Cymerman / Charlie Looker – A Horizon Made of Canvas (Astral Spirits)
124 Parannoul / Asian Glow / sonhos tomam conta – Downfall of the Neon Youth (Longinus Recordings)
125 Hypertrophy – Sarcoplasmic​/​Myofibrillar (self released)
126 Lester Grovington – Holding Lines (flophouse)
127 W.Ravenveer – Fuzzy Hair Electronics Volume 4 (Radical Documents)
128 Moth Bucket / Women of the Pore – split (FTAM)
129 Prolaps – Ultra Cycle Series (Hausu Mountain)
130 V/A – Undercurrents (Oxtail Recordings)
131 Jordan Reyes – What Is A Ghost? Is It Really Me? (Unifactor)
132 Filthy Huns – Cursed at Birth (Not Not Fun)
133 Tara Jane O’Neil – Dispatches from the Drift (Ordinal Recordings)
134 Alex Cunningham – pas de deux (Working Man Lay Down)
135 Peter Kris – No Language for the Feeling (Garden Portal)
136 Ntski – Orca (Orange Milk)
137 Lighght – Holy Endings (Doom Trip Records)
138 Mid-Air! – M.G.M.S. (100% Bootleg Cassette Tape Company)
139 Marsha Fisher – New Ruins (Full Spectrum)
140 Deuce Avenue – Perennial Fire and Life (Unifactor)
141 Blank Thomas – Reimagining Micro Acid (Third Kind Records)
142 Julie Hill – s/t (Galtta)
143 Instituto Bangara-Rossa Internacional – An Introduction to Bangara​-​Rossa, Learning by Listening Vol. 2 (Strategic Tape Reserve)
144 Nancy Bigfoot – Polyester Honey (Already Dead)
145 Compactor – Hold Music (Waste Management)
146 Pulse Emitter – Voids (Expansive)
147 Tiger Village – In Stereo III (Suite 309)
148 Dennis Young – Grey Umbrella (Gertrude Tapes)
149 Black Tempel Pyrämid – Ancient Hymns & Incantations (Ethereal Mother Tapes)
150 Meadow Argus – III (Purple Akronym)
151 LAMIEE. – Oltra Lament (Never Anything)
152 Dax Pierson – Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction) (Ratskin Records)
153 Perkins & Federwisch – One Dazzling Moment (Strategic Tape Reserve)
154 Phicus – Liquid (Tripticks Tapes)
155 Seth Kasselman – UV Catamaran (self released)
156 Skunk Ape – Ground Hums (Drongo)
157 German Army – Endless Suburb (BFE/Illuminated Paths/Faith Disciplines/Subsist/Soil)
158 Body Meπa – The Work is Slow (Hausu Mountain)
159 Pasquarosa/Gerycz – II (Unifactor)
160 Andrew Weathers – Catalogs: Sound Pieces with Text and 10 Unrealized Scores (Full Spectrum Records)
161 SSS – s/t (Decoherence Records)
162 Vernacular – The Little Bird (Astral Spirts)
163 Mike Nigro – In Communion (Alien Garage)
164 Rhucle – Royal Blue (Oxtail Recordings)
165 Unsustainable Social Condition – Limited Targert Set (Absurd Exposition)
166 Wiggly – If I give you a cherry, the least you could do is spit the pit back into my bowl so’s I can suck on it later, and you don’t have to poke me in the eye with the stem (Cavern Brew Records)
167 Ŭkcheănsălăwit – Alaskan Escape (Les Productions Hérétiques)
168 Kim’s Spirit – Blossom Everywhere (Vague Intl)
169 Új Bála – Hideg Sors (Jollies)
170 Jacob Winans and Andrea Pensado – Handle With Care (Refulgent Sepulchre)
171 Nathan McLaughlin – Stoner Lake in G (Full Spectrum)
172 Bad Trips – Ridgewood Ayahuasca (Already Dead)
173 Mold Omen – Milk Can’t Die (Steep Gloss)
174 An Moku – Less (Puremagnetik)
175 Death Hags – The Alice Tape (self released)
176 Senyawa – Alkisah (Katuktu Collective)
177 Raymond Cummings – Modulate Yourself (No Rent Records)
178 Smolyyaan Dripp – Derty Islo (Sara Laughs)
179 Marsha Fisher – Cloquet Sketches (self released)
180 Max Julian Eastman – Pygmalion Styled & Out of Vogue (Tribe Tapes)
181 V/A – somnoroase păsărele – auto [r] (OTA)
182 Gardener – I Am Here For A Moment (Trouble In Mind)
183 Rat Punch – It’s A Drink (Already Dead)
184 Alex Cunningham – Armor (Storm Cellar)
185 Greg Hatem – Ghost of Spatula (Bumpy)
186 Samuel Goff & Mariam Rezaei – The End of the World … Finally (Cacophonous Revival)
187 Cool Person – Grown Person (Ingrown)
188 Bardo Todol y sus Aves sin Nido & Anne-F Jacques – Land of Rituals (Presses Précaires)
189 V/A – Forest Bath (Cudighi)
190 Casual Observer – Flux (OTA)
191 Dura – Mercury (Atlantic Rhythms)
192 Cool Hans Luetke – Dianetic Diabetic! (Personal Archives)
193 Max Hamel – Sounds of Summer: Field Recordings of Solar Electronics (Refulgent Sepulchre)
194 Andrew Kirschner – Mirror Thru Haze (Orb Tapes)
195 Boe J. x Don Certi – Rolling Hill (Bonding)
196 Shrimp Olympics – It Can Be (Bumpy)
197 ? Band – Museum Quality Works (Radical Documents)
198 Dave Phillips – Humanity is the Virus (Tribe Tapes)
199 Final Cop / Cop Funeral – split (Already Dead)
200 Titanic II (Suite 309)
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Tabs Out | Powl Dune – Pattern from Town Beach

Powl Dune – Pattern from Town Beach

12.15.21 by Matty McPherson

Luke Daly’s Powl Dune release is humble in its personal descriptor inside the Jcard of his self-released tape Pattern from Town Beach. “Synthesizer and field recordings.” No more, no less. Yet, the sounds of Powl Dune are moody, ever-shifting knots. Daly’s synthesizer work can bounce between nifty-low ends and subterranean droning (with field recording workcraft lodging itself in-between). Its utilitarian synthesizer work that inspires a litany of those synapses to fire off in your brain. Its track titles–er, lack of them–also indicate full album listening. That’s right, no stops, just drive for 30 minutes to the nearest beach and take in those patterns and loops. And honestly, why not go and take a whiff of the “Pattern from Town Beach”? I hear the weather is still nice this time of year.

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Tabs Out | Nail Club –Collected Works

Nail Club –Collected Works

12.14.21 by Matty McPherson

New Orleans is a slithering hot bed for minimal synth grinds and industrial jet set rippers. Along those lines beaming out of a cackling wurlitzer jukebox is Nail Club (Sara Nicole Storm). Her cassette releases spanning the last decade are long oop, with many nuggets stored throughout. I know this because Hot Releases re-issued the 2020 Collected Works on tape earlier this year. It’s a Tascam 4-track odyssey and sonic journal of an artist perpetually in flux; the tape’s sequencing purposely time travels through her catalog with an ear more towards mood not chronology. And with good reason, seeing as Storm treats the pulsing rhythm as an ecosystem that sounds like a rickety machine running on 1% battery charge sputtering out an ancient algorithm. Meanwhile, sly synthetic slinkery leverages a springboard for detailed mind palace considerations underneath all that 4-track fuzz. It’s a sound that scales up from the boombox to the grand halls of our nation’s many sewer systems that skaters reside within and one that doesn’t tire.

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Tabs Out | MMMD & Alem – L’âge de l’absolutisme

MMMD & Alem – L’âge de l’absolutisme

12.13.21 by Matty McPherson

When trading favorites with Mr. Foxy Digitalis back in May, Brad Rose confessed that L’âge de l’absolutisme was one of the most awe-inspiring releases of 2021 to date. And indeed, when the tape came around, it HIT on the soundsystem and turned me and a pal into literal goo; a fantastical post-rock hybrid and a mongo act of self-realization for MMMD* (pronounced Muhammed). The Athens, Greece based duo of Illos (Dimitris Kariofilis) and Nikos Veliotis have spent 12 years on Illos’ Antifrost label with over a dozen albums. In that time, they’ve decided to make a mad investment in the low end. Beyond the theoreticals and theory, just straight into the veins with the LE oscillators (Look at that back j-card–how you goin’ big on big?). For 2021’s dispatch, Alem joins the duo, to perform a series of baroque stone cold classics that he does with finesse and stateliness you’d expect from your grandfather’s mutant Phillips C60s. To great effect, MMMD brought the choir, the cello and those oscillators to create a “gigantesque basso continuo” that operates as a second skin running under Alem. Baroque Drone wasn’t on my tape 2021 bingo card, but its appearance is worthy of the bubbly–or at least a mad hangover cure. Even as a tidy C30, the three pieces are unnerving in their own cunning and fascinating morose elements to lie into and suck out the impurities. A sublime cleanse.

O-Card carton cover limited to 100 copies

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Tabs Out | 99Letters – Ibuki

99Letters – Ibuki

12.13.21 by Matty McPherson

99Letters has been working in and around (what I believe to be) the Kansai underground scene for over a dozen years, racking up releases with THRHNDRDSVNTNN and Seagrave back in the mid-2010s, in between the occasional DJ mix or other one-off. However, 99Letters has been quiet for a bit since 2018, only recently kicking things back into focus with two releases this year, the self-released Shirankedo and the Cudighi Records distributed Ibuki. Both releases have a bit of a reflective melancholy bubbling through them. 99Letters’ own take on these projects has been influenced by COVID and the Kansai scene’s own slow decline as a result of COVID. It’s changed the approach to tracks, with 99Letters using Ibuki as a springboard to explore the “familiar parts of Japan to show the importance of living powerfully as a work”, crafting songs from traditional Japanese instruments and even using the tape cover as an opportunity to highlight Shozo Michikawa’s ceramic arts.

The resulting set of tunes are patient, subterranean house bops. It’s perfect music for lingering liminal moments as much as rain stricken urban plant life gazing, especially ”Saikai Zyoushiki / 再会常識” wails, with its crisp level of digital ambience (a feature found throughout the 11 tracks) saturating the frame. “Baniku Oishi / 馬肉美味” reminded me of hard hat zones with its 4/4 beat, while a stringed instrument takes the center of the track, imparting a longing and lurching character to the clatter. Of course, you can keep your head to the ground and strut those shoulders in the club if you want, which a track like “Ponzu / 酢” practically encourages. On that track, the percussive tones of those traditional instruments are still mechanistic, yet airy and dynamic enough to bring its loop to the forefront.

99Letters’ approach could be said to be rooted in deep listening practices, a unique manner of enacting the process. Although, I feel more assured noting the way these tracks pull out flow states from these instruments. Certified Downtemp Bop “Mousou Samurai / 妄想侍” exemplifies that. It slinks with its hi-hats that become the track’s guiding base, with the sudden unexpected appearance of a singular, repeated sample giving it a bit of gusto that ties the whole thing together; there’s a dance move to be made out of that one. That feeling is also warranted towards “Tamakorogashi / 玉転がし” which especially amps up the spacious qualities and surprise drops a melodic set of key chords–the bubbly kind that practically signify when you’ve opened a secret chest–that crescendo and crest over and over again. It’s a tantalizing rhythm, nestled deep in an album that channels a soft, radiating power.

Limited Pro Dubbed Cassette Tape Available from Cudighi Records


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Tabs Out | Directives – Protenomaly

Directives – Protenomaly

12.13.21 by Matty McPherson

It’s been a moment since Tabs Out HQ checked in with Denver, CO-based Aubjects’ and their “short-run & home-made experimental recordings & ephemera.” Eagled-eared podcast listeners, as well as beagle-eyed readers may recall D. Petri and his penance for home-dubbing, upcycled tapes, with various trinkets and goodies ranging from “good boy rocks” to “xerox art booklets” (he’s also recently reengaged the Petriblog outpost, with boodles of cassette, tape label, and brainy people spotlights dating back to 2012) . Personally, I adore these kinds of “craft tapes” and the goodies when they manifest out of the giant tape review box I stick my hand in when I so dare to–there’s an alluring quality I have to sit and chew on; a past I’m just not privy to but am the product of. Also, it’s way more preferred to throwing the ferric oxide into the Tabs Out West Coast HQ furnace (a laborious task that does not reveal any prophecies or omens or even free Bandcamp codes; honestly it’s really just kinda wasteful). 

Anyways, I digress. D. Petri’s Directives project is at the heart and soul of Aubjects and Protenomaly furthers what Directives entails beyond where 2017’s Usphutorontus Deius Nissesubla last left off. For starters, Petri has become enraptured with “novel anomalies,” which means sudden shifts in fidelity mixtures from track to track, hard-to-pin-down equipment transistors, amongst other manipulations. Over the course of side A, Petri (& Hillary Ulman) take these in stride, culminating in results that sound like those moments of sudden-whiplash shock Longmont Potion Castle upends a casual phone conversation with. The tape fizzles and straddles, prancing on a vision until it can’t be held and then moves up to another realm.

There is a method to this madness, or at least the track titles across both sides comprise one of a sort of roundabout sense. As a listener moves through the sheer morse-codian noise of “Lower Digestive Register”, the follow track “Upper Digestive Register” scales the noise into a droney yet vicious melody. It’s all short-lived though, when “Beyond Registration” pushes the noise to a textured character, allowing drums and bells, alongside bass, and even keys begin to find a sense of real harmony that “Above Beyond Registration” almost turns into a deconstructed technoise ditty. By this point though, Directives hits a transcendent plane with “Across Many Gulfs”, utilizing a harmonic sound (not too far from a guitar) that sounds like sine waves surfing and thrashing.

Side B makes up for less tracks with greater time dedicated to these zones, which ends up culminating in full-fleshed longforms. “Society Toothpick Diorama” could be a fancy way of relating the ways in which a dentist manages a drill, with noise pulses and outbursts moving in cyclical, focused patterns that recall such the labors of a root canal with decadent results. “Tangled Narratives” and “Slumping Into Progress” meanwhile materialize haywire, schizophrenic vestiges into the vaguest sensation of “noise pop”, but it’s not until Petri hits “Towards Fertile Grounds” that everything comes into focus–literally it’s a personal field recording; one that’s beyond a momentary relapse and more a full fledged place of solitude. Petri crafted most of these sounds over a span dating back five years ago, and coming down to end the tape with the crystal sounds of cicadas and other various ephemera offers a passage out of the Protenomaly, as much as a reflection to this era of novel anomalies. To new frontiers.

A visual rendition on youtube is also available for consideration.

Home-dubbed-in-real-time C60 in upcycled norelco cases w/ hand-cut / stamped / glued / numbered j card & insert utilizing personally significant 8-50 year-old upcycled papers  + 16p b/w art booklet. Hand-numbered w/ elements hand stamped / glued & different square of antique construction paper w/ crayon markings by humans who were pre or grade school children at the time the markings were made (between 1975-1985; mine came with the letter b etched on it)! 66 copies produced in total. 

Available at Aubjects Bandcamp Page

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Tabs Out | Crank Sturgeon –Archives Anti of the Bad Triangle Wearer

Crank Sturgeon –Archives Anti of the Bad Triangle Wearer

1.1.21 by Jacob DeRaadt

Crank S(t)urgeon of magnetic confusion, people of the universe.  Mr. Sturgeon is in full dissect and microsecond edit collage on this whopper of an oxide document.  I own about 30 or 40 releases by this project (which is still about a third of what’s been released over the years), and this easily ranks in the top five favorite recordings.  Pissing in a toilet bowl of NWW Sylvie and Babs styles, early Smegma, John Cage, vocal gab, and other pop music fragments, I find myself lost in the rapid-fire juxtapositions that only CS can carry off with pure modern dada flavor.  Certain fragmented speed-change edits brought to mind passages from The White Mice Load Records LP that I obsessed over when it was released in the mid 00’s.  This audio salad is topped with sparkling trash textures, howling feedback, and interspersed with contributions from numerous guests on a bygone radio show, A Butte for Huso, that was on WMPG in Portland, Maine from 1997 to 2004.  Later edited and reassembled with found sound, shortwave, and vocal bitties in April 1999, this recording was found in 2020 and released earlier this year on Pennsylvania label Detachment Program.  Nice liner notes and explanation of the process and contributors(a bunch of unknown names, Sickness was the only name I recognized).  People can complain about projects that release copious amounts of material all they want, but Crank Sturgeon ignores all noise trends and laughs at your pretentious noise board comments, offering sonic freedom and (gasp) fun on this short release.  

No online presence for this release!!

Here is a photograph of Crank Sturgeon to look at while you think about this cassette.

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Tabs Out | Enjoy Our Last Century on Earth – Was Ist Los

Enjoy Our Last Century on Earth – Was Ist Los

12.10.21 by Matty McPherson

Brisbane, Australia based Minimal Impact is not a frequent updater of their blogger outpost, but when they do so, the goods are always going to be chunky, droney, and filled with that sweet blistering noise that gets you shrieking, dancing, or maybe discombobulated. So, I suppose that brings us to today’s quick treat, the upcycled C32 Was Ist Los by the lads in Enjoy Our Last Century on Earth. If you’ve been jonesing for the kind of metallic void screaming and cantankerously clanky industrial, then let this duo be your guide. Was Ist Los collects a small fortune of one-offs and split/collab tracks that don’t hold back any punches. It’s a barbarous kind of tape. Yet one that also is impeccably mixed with the kind of precision that doesn’t seek to wear out the hi-fi. It stays in the green without ever floating into the red, which leads to all sorts of malignant brain-fried deviations rendered with utter clarity.

Side A opener “Acknowledgement (And Yet We Continue) ft. K.P.” functions like a phone call coming from hell, as a voice as gargled and ancient as a martian narrates the state of affairs like an omnibus narrator. All the while, both T.E. and Z.M. make quick work of turning scrap metal into electronics and electronics and synths into scraps; clever how they can pull that off. Although the duo are not just in the mood for crushing, omnibus weight; tracks like “Serene Agitation” give the bass a moment to breathe and open things up, while “Libidinal Terrain of the Nation” and “Where is Snow” function like stately power tool drone waltzes. Both (of course) soon descend into a reign of chaos that cuts out just before the state of affairs can completely collapse. Imagine if this was played during the pipe dream minigames of Bioshock and you’ve got a good grip on just the kind of energy this duo is weaving themselves through,

Edition of 40 available from the Minimal Impact Bandcamp page.

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Tabs Out | Sun Picture – So Many Little Rooms

Sun Picture – So Many Little Rooms

12.10.21 by Matty McPherson

The Red Hill, CA based Katuktu Collective tape label has been an upstanding “aural refuge” for the past half decade or so. Aaris King has been handling efforts, with an emphasis on charitable partnerships, while networking with underground artists. It makes their releases a unique grab bag experience, with a keen, open ear to global curation of all shapes and sizes. One month you might be finding yourself with Senyawa’s Alkisah; half a year later, you might just be entering a portal into Sun Picture’s So Many Little Rooms.

Carlos Lowenstein’s Chicago-based solo project, Sun Picture, is an aural meditation on personal memories–specifically pertaining to Lowenstein’s early years of life in Venezuela. So Many Little Rooms is not lyrically focused, utilizing titles like “Roosters in Caracas mornings 1992,” “Tension at the park 1990,” or “Sometimes the monkey escaped” to more or less reveal inklings of this past where its synths may not. And yes, across this C34, Lowenstein does ground most of his sound in synths, creating low hums and wistful melodies.  Still, there’s a lot of guitar jamming and motorik impulses imbued in these nine tracks; they carry a detached sense of krautrock aesthetics. Listening to the tape in real time, one might note how the drums (sometimes live, sometimes machine) and guitars slowly terraform, shifting their tunings and patterns, respectively. Memory changes, after all. Although Lowenstein is careful not to turn it into an outright jam, honing in on three to four minute vignettes. These songs could stretch, let’s not get that wrong, but that decision to let them operate in this manner rewards the wide palette Lowenstein brings out.

Naturally, it carries these memories through a vivid sonic timeline, allowing for repeated listens to reward different tracks and different attributes. Right now, I’ve been gripped specifically by Side A closer “We liked the harsh sun” — a kind of spiritual dub that invokes O.Rang. There’s a sense that it might just explode every time Lowenstein clashes at that detuned string instrument. Meanwhile, Side B opener “Saltwater throat feeling” glistens and dashes in four dimensions, recalling all those hours spent reading Forerunner terminals as much as a genuine flavor profile of salt water. There are truly so many little rooms Lowenstein can invoke.

Hand-numbered 4-panel J-card, hand-stamped shells, edition of 50 available from Katuktu Collective and Sun Picture’s own personal Bandcamp.


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