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cassette podcast focusing on noise & experimental sounds

3.26.17: Episode #101 Al Lover, FENIMORE夢, Casual Observer, id M Theft Able, Sunset Diver, 11H60, Fischkopf Sinfoniker, Eva Geist, Adam Miller, Hans Appelqvist, Moonhead, Jim Haynes, and Pulse Emitter. All brought to you by Tapehead City. [Play] [Download – right click/save]


3.23.17: Dan Walsh – Fixity by Kat Harding Dan Walsh’s work “Fixity” is controlled chaos for experimental and jazz freaks. [Check It Out]

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Tabs Out | Dan Walsh – Fixity

Dan Walsh – Fixity 3.23.17 by Kat Harding Out on Ireland’s KantCope comes Dan Walsh’s “Fixity.” Dan’s the drummer of Great Balloon Race and the tape is his latest foray into production and composition. Released in summer 2016, the jazzy improvised and experimental tape is perfect for these flashes of winter we’re experiencing now in […]

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3.19.17: Tanzprocesz [tzpCS50]: CIA Débutante “Burn The Evidence” C30 [tzpCS51]: Jessop&Co. “Fresh Pond Fish” C23

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3.19.17: Nothing Out There n.o.t.40: Threes And Will “Purge Of Genden” C46 n.o.t.41: Draisine “Cave Sessions” C90

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